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Prevent Back & Foot Protecion

Use correct seating posture

Typical Cause of Discomfort

Slouching, poor posture and improper support.

Why Use a Foot/Back Support And
Posture Manager

Sitting for long periods of time without properly supporting the back or legs can lead to pain and discomfort. Back supports give firm support to the back’s natural curve, whilst foot supports elevate your feet and ensure your thighs are parallel to the floor. Use both a foot and back support together to promote a neutral posture, reduce muscle strain and achieve optimal ergonomic benefits.

How Fellowes Products Help

Encourage movement and provide support for improved posture, circulation and comfort.

Office Suites™ Mesh Back Support black

Product Code: 3.334.674

  • Tri-Tensioning™ attachment eliminates need for re-adjusment
  • Easily attaches to any chair
  • Gently moulds to your body’s contours
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Professional Series™ Super Soother Foot Support

Product Code: 4.979.111

  • Elevates feet and legs to relieve lower back pressure
  • Scissor motion height adjustment provides platform heights of 100mm, 135mm and 165mm
  • Rubber massage beads relieve stress and rejuvenates tired feet
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Office Suites™ Adjustable Foot Rest with Microban®

Product Code: 4.979.109

  • Built-in Microban® protection fights the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the product
  • Adjust position using foot pressure then platform remains in preferred position until you wish to readjust - up to 30° tilt
  • Includes 3 height positions: 108mm, 127mm and 146mm
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Fellowes Deluxe Posture Manager

Product Code: 5.939.017

  • Encourages optimal use of correct posture + seating position
  • Easily clips onto any desk edge. Tool free
  • Compact design uses minimal space and keeps you in the correct position
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Did you Know?


8 out of 10 people will suffer from pain linked to the way they work at their desks.

(Source: Fellowes 2012
Dynamic Markets Research)

Checklist ZONE 1

Seating & Posture

  • Chair height - keep feet flat on the floor or on a foot support
  • Seat pan depth - Back of the knees should not touch the seat
  • Back position - Back should contact as much of the chair as possible
  • Neutral posture - Work in a position that requires the smallest amount of muscle activity

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