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Relieve Wrist Pressure

Adopt correct keyboard and mouse positioning

Typical Cause of Discomfort

Improper keyboard or mouse positioning.

Why Use a Wrist Support?

Relieve wrist pressure to prevent wrist discomfort and injuries.

How Fellowes Products Help

If your wrists are not in a neutral position, tendons and nerves can rub and be compressed causing pain, discomfort and possibly injury. Wrist supports cushion and support the wrist, helping you maintain neutral wrist posture.

I-Spire™ Keyboard Wrist Rocker

Product Code: 6.474.872

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I-Spire™ Series Wrist Rocker

Product Code: 6.475.999

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  • Provides a soft, cool place for your wrists
  • Innovative rocking design adds comfort for enhanced mousing effort
  • Crisp, clean look coordinates with any home or office décor
  • Easy to clean

Health-V™ Crystals™ Mouse Pad/Wrist Support Purple

Product Code: 4.202.356

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Health-V™ Crystals™ Keyboard Palm Support Purple

Product Code: 4.202.367

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  • Stylish, transparent gel adds colour to your workspace
  • Innovative patented Health V™ Channel prevents wrist discomfort and injuries
  • Built-in Microban® protection fights the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the product
  • Stain resistant; wipes clean with a damp cloth

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Height Adjustable Mouse Pad/Wrist Support Graphite

Product Code: 4.984.756

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Height Adjustable Keyboard Wrist Support Graphite

Product Code: 4.984.767

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  • Angle adjustable with a 10mm forward or negative tilt adjustment
  • Allows for individual customisation and a preferred working position to be adopted
  • Long lasting polyester covering withstands everyday wear and tear
  • Optical-friendly mouse pad features superior tracking surface

Did you Know?

1 in 30

people will suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome throughout Europe


Checklist ZONE 2

Correct Keyboard & Mouse Position

  • Position keyboard and mouse closer and lower
  • Position keyboard flat or tilted away - negative slopes
  • Keep forearms approximately parallel to the floor with elbows at a 90-110° angle

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