Zone 3

Ease neck strain

Implement proper screen and document positioning

Typical Cause of Discomfort

Improper screen or document positioning.

Why Use a Monitor/Laptop/Document

To position your screen or documents at a comfortable viewing angle.

How Fellowes Products Help

Leaning forward and tilting your head up or down to see your computers screen or documents can place strain on your neck, back and shoulders. Use a monitor/laptop/document support to position documents/screen at eye level and reduce muscle strain.

Professional Series™ Laptop Workstation with USB Hub

Product Code: 4.984.734

  • Intuitive nine angle height adjustment
  • Integrated 4 port 2.0 USB Hub
  • Stylish air vents aid cooling
  • Compact design folds almost flat
  • In line copy clips hold documents in place
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Smart Suites™ Monitor riser Plus

Product Code: 4.984.723

  • Includes a letter tray and two accessory pods for additional storage space
  • Includes three different height positions: 100mm to 130mm
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Office Suites™ Desktop Copyholder

Product Code: 2.810.707

  • Three-In-One! Document holder, memo board and clipboard
  • Copyholder adjusts for A3 paper
  • Adjustable tilt customises your viewing angle by up to 45°
  • Line guide slides up or down and swings out of the way when not in use
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Did you Know?

1 in 12

Individuals are affected by a workstation related illness


Checklist ZONE 3

Find Your Optimal Viewing Range

  • Height: position top section of the screen “just below eye level”
  • Distance: Viewing distance should be about “an arms length away” or approximately 500-850mm away from the screen

Document Placement - Avoid the following risk factors

  • Neck flexion
  • Extreme neck rotation
  • Repetitive eye movements

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