Zone 4

Stay Organised

Apply an appropriate desk layout

Typical Cause of Discomfort

Poor desk layout & overstretching.

Why Organise Your Desk Layout?

Stay organised and improve productivity with an appropriate desk layout.

How Fellowes Products Help

Increase comfort and productivity by ensuring frequently used items are within easy reach.

Machine Organiser

Product Code: 368.625

  • Four separate drawers for paper or supplies
  • Each drawer holds a ream of A4 paper
  • Built-in cord management
  • Supports up to 36kg in weight
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Office Suites™ CPU X Stand

Product Code: 3.778.622

  • Fully adjustable width
  • Can also be used to hold shredders, waste bins and other items
  • Lockable wheels
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Cable Zip™

Product Code: 1.864.342

  • Tidy all your cables and wires in an instant
  • Fully re-usable and can easily be cut into size to suit any space
  • Cable Zips can be combined to suit longer wire lengths and can be opened any time to allow cables to be removed
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Did you Know?


We spend 46.5 minutes of each day fidgeting at our desks. Thats the equivalent of having almost a whole month off work.

(Source: Fellowes 2012
Dynamic Markets Research)

Checklist ZONE 4

Appropriate Desk Layout

  • Keep frequently used accessories within your neutral reach zone
  • Ensure that you have adequate space for your accessories
  • Use as much vertical space as possible

Neutral Reach Zone

  • The area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at your side

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